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April 4, 2017  

Episode #1: 12 Angry Men

April 4, 2017

In our inaugural episode we discuss Sidney Lumet's classic drama 12 Angry Men where high stakes lead to high tensions and a sole dissenter fights to save an accused man.


12 Angry Men - The Criterion Collection

12 Angry Men - 1997 Remake starring Jack Lemmon.

Juror 8 - Henry Fonda

Juror 5 - Jack Klugman starred in both The Odd Couple and Quincy, M.E.

Juror 7 - Jack Warden starred in The Replacements

12 Angry Men was originally broadcast as a Teleplay in 1954

Nine ways to get out of Jury Duty - Business Insider

The first modern electrical air conditioner was invented in 1902 but did not become common in U.S. homes until the 1960s

A brief history of capital punishment in New York City

Juror 3 - Lee J. Cobb

Juror 9 - Joseph Sweeney

The Greatest Generation refers to those who grew up during the Great Depression and fought and served during WWII and the war effort

The style of speech used by actors in older movies is called the Mid-Atlantic or Transatlantic accent

Transformers - directed by Michael Bay

Taxi Driver and The Departed - directed by Martin Scorsese

If a juror becomes incapacitated during a trial, an alternate juror will take his/her place on the jury

Runaway Jury - starring John Cusack

Jury Duty - starring Pauly Shore

Juror 6 - Edward Binns

Juror 1 (The Foreman) - Martin Balsam

Jim’s poor decision to wear a tie with a polo shirt

Giant brand bakery cookies, the unofficial cookie of Criterion On The Couch

Juror 12 - Robert Webber

Mad Men - starring Jon Hamm

In 1957 the Civil Rights Act gave women the right to serve on federal juries, but they were not able to serve on state level juries in all fifty states until 1973

Juror 11 - George Voskovec

The Marvel Symphonic Universe by Every Frame a Painting

Juror 2 - John Fiedler

Sidney Lumet IMDB page